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Peace, Joy, Freedom, and Love Are Life's Natural State Of Being

 We All Seek Answers

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If you are looking for a quick fix, or a clever slogan, or someone to tell you what to do, keep looking. The Sickness Model of western medicine claims to have your answers, claims that there is some sort of universal model that all humans fit, but we know better. You are the ONLY you there has ever been, and there never will be another.  You remember Dorothy in The Wizard of OZ at the end when the Witch told her You have always had the power to go back to your life. Here at Answers we know only you could possibly know the right answers for you, and only you can implement them. Lyle will help. Give him a call to set up your no cost two way evaluation. The disparity between what is truly best for our highest good and what the Ego driven culture we live in demands of us,  is the main source of emotional, physical, and spiritual suffering. The changes we need to make are simple, but the implementation is difficult. The closer we are aligned with our Higher Self  the better our lives will work.

Lyle Tautfest, Doctor of Divinity  has over forty years of experience as a  hypnotist, minister, decades of undergraduate and graduate study of western and eastern psychology, and philosophy, and decades of guiding others closer to their sacred life's purpose. 

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Alchemy and Archetypes

Having graduated from the Alchemical Hypnotherapy Institute of Denver, Lyle has a clearer understanding of how to implement individual change. Alchemy has always been about transmutation of one level of energy into a higher state of being. Hypnosis is also about Transmutation of energy, or fundamental Change in the individual. This happens on the physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual planes. For us it means living life in ways that are best for our highest good. You can create success in business, relationships, health, wealth, spiritual growth, and love. Moving beyond destructive self defeating behaviors, and remember,

letting go of past programs and behaviors is the most important step you can take today;

This moment is all there is. No one knows the future for sure. The past can't be changed. 

This moment is the only thing you can control.        

Be present, Live Here Now

You may as well, since you can't live in those other places anyway

Lyle specializes in assisting Seekers and Pilgrims  on their personal healing journeys into a healthy state of Peace, Joy, Love and Freedom.  After all, these things are everyones birth right.  (we are all seekers and pilgrims on a sacred journey)

The Gods and Goddesses want us to live in a place without fear or desire as they do. We are being guided every moment of every day. If that is true; Then why is it so hard to change? For many reasons those messages have a very difficult time getting past the old programs. I can help you open up mind, body and spirit to embrace your divine nature. improve all parts of your life, and learn to share  those communications with spirit. 

The Eight Billion Sacred Paths to the Gods.

            Joy, Peace, Love, and Freedom is life's natural state.

  Lyle Tautfest; has helped thousands of people wake up to their true purpose in this life, and live for their highest good

 I think we know there is a spiritual facet to all of life's events, after all, we are Spiritual Beings engaged in a physical experience. Too often we loose sight of that fact.

 Lyle’s over forty year spiritual journey has uniquely qualified him to Guide, Mentor, Coach and facilitate positive change in your life whatever goals you may be seeking.

The answers we seek can only be found within ourselves. No one out there can know you better than you can know yourself. It is just that many of us haven't  figured out how to access those answers within yet.

                  I can help.

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* Lyle Tautfest D.D.   is a Brahmin, in The Hindu Adviata School of philosophy. Shankara envisages that human beings are already liberated and the soul is already free. - One has only to realize (and to accept) this freedom. Souls who have had this realization are called jivanmuktas.

Buddhists tell us the same thing. You are already Buddha Nature,  just by realizing it. Christanity says we are already saved we just have to accept the fact.



Searching for peace


How long must it take for a person to find peace?

Of course one must know what peace means to them. Since it would do no good to pursue someone else’s peace.

We are so unique and ever so complex, the journey from here to peace is always a “one off” process.


I can’t for the life of me understand why so many embrace the mistaken notion that what works for one will work for all. If that was the way our universe worked maybe we could just make one size of shoes or shirts and wait for everyone to change and grow to fit that one size. You may already realize most of the universe we inhabit is too complex for humans to really understand at this time. The best science, the best tools, the best minds, only perceive 0.001% of what we know is out there in the physical universe. Like watching a leaf moving down the street with no visible means of locomotion, we know it does have a means of getting from here to there, it must have a cause for movement. We know about the invisible wind that can do such a thing.

Out in the cosmos we can see impossibly huge Galaxies moving away from each other at an ever increasing pace. All that we can see, all that we can measure, all and everything we know, can’t account for the motions of what we can detect.

This may come as somewhat of a shock to some of you, but humans at this time can only account for less than one percent of what we know must be out there. So then 99% of the universe we inhabit is un known and unknowable for human beings.

I contend that when it comes to knowing ourselves the unknown is even bigger. I’ll ask a question to help understand things……Of everything there is to know about self or the universe; what percentage do you know, now?………………..Over the years when I have asked that question of others, the answer comes back as “near nothing” “zero” 5% 1%. Or some other tiny number. Our personalities are at least as complex as the cosmos, probably more complex.

All of this to remind you in searching for peace, every ones path will be different. So maybe stop buying so many self-help books, taking so many classes, and spend more time getting to know your self better.